Is the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace currently live?

The MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace is currently live and available for all publishers to sign up.

How can I make money by embedding the MOBI.INFO SDK in my app?

All data provided by your app via the MOBI.INFO SDK is tagged with your unique publisher and app ID. If there is immediate demand for the type of data your app is providing, you will be provided with a revshare from all the data provided by your app and sold to MOBI.INFO data marketplace customers.

What is the earning potential of my apps with MOBI.INFO?

The amount of MOBI.INFO data royalties you will receive can vary based on any of the following:

  • Number of users of your app
  • Geographical distribution of your app users
  • Session length of your users
  • Repeat Usage of your app/”app stickiness”
  • Whether or not you enable location data collection in your app

What if I do not immediately see earnings in my MOBI.INFO dashboard?

Because your integration places data into the MOBI.INFO marketplace, there will always be a delay between rollout and when you see earnings in your dashboard. This does not mean that your integration will not be profitable for you. This is simply because in order to deliver earnings, our data licensees need to download your data, match it to advertiser demand and report back to us. Industry delays are averaging two to three weeks, and this is what we expect you to see in the portal. If you have any questions or concerns about this delay, simply email, and we will have a solutions specialist reply to you right away.

How does the MOBI.INFO program work?

Android app developers or publishers sign up on the MOBI.INFO web site and create an account. They can then submit an app and receive a unique MOBI.INFO SDK to embed into a single app. Once the SDK is embedded and the publisher has submitted the app for distribution via an app store, as long as consumers download the app and agree to the end user license agreement (EULA), the MOBI.INFO SDK will begin transmitting data. All data transmitted from a publisher’s app is tagged with the publisher’s unique publisher account ID and appID in the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace.

How is the amount of revenue generated by an app with the MOBI.INFO SDK calculated?

The amount of revenue any app generates is based on the data it contributes via the MOBI.INFO SDK to the data marketplace. For matchkeys, if a matchkey has already been provided to the data marketplace, the first app that contributed that matchkey will be compensated when that matchkey is licensed to marketplace customers. However, some of our matchkey customers pay a monthly recurring fee for providing a timestamp showing that a previously known matchkey was seen again in any given month. In this case, the first app within each calendar month that provides data that a previously contributed matchkey was seen again during that month, will be compensated.

How can I get access to the MOBI.INFO SDK?

The MOBI.INFO SDK can be generated using the Add NEW Application button in the portal. A unique SDK is generated for each application you add.

What platforms are supported by MOBI.INFO?

MOBI.INFO is currently for Android apps only.

Can I embed the same SDK in multiple apps?

No. For proper tracking and attribution you should install a unique SDK in each app you provide. SDKs are generated dynamically based on the information you provide when adding a new app to your account.

Can I Install the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Concurrently With Other Advertising SDK's?

Yes. There is no restriction to using the MOBI.INFO SDK with any other monetization strategy.

Can I include SDKs from other ad networks, analytics providers, and bug tracking together with the MOBI.INFO SDK?


What data does the MOBI.INFO SDK collect?

MOBI.INFO collects data in the following 4 categories. All data collection adheres to industry guidelines.

  • Location
  • Matchkeys
  • Browser History
  • App Usage

How can I monitor my MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK install metrics?

You should log into your MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Account. Your account homepage will show you the latest metrics available for your account.

How do I update the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK?

You should log into your MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Account at and download a copy of latest data SDK for each of your live applications. We will always notify all publishers when a new SDK is released.

Is the Data Marketplace SDK Transmission Data Encrypted?


Should I use the same API Key for each one of my applications?

The MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK has two types of keys. Your Data Marketplace publisher API key is the same for all applications in your publisher account. However, the Application Key is generated when you download a copy of our SDK and is embedded into our SDK at the time that you request a copy of our SDK.

Is my MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Publisher API key the same as my Advertising SDK Publisher API Key?

No, the two API key's are entirely different at this time.

What Type of Information Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK Collect?

The SDK extracts many Google Play compliant data fields and transmits them to MOBI.INFO so that publishers can get paid.

What is the difference between background and foreground location data?

* Foreground location data is collected only when an app is open.
* Background location data is collected regardless of whether an app is open (x) number of times per day. Publishers can configure whether to collect background location data and how frequently to collect background location data by taking the following steps.

Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Capture or Collect Personally Identifiable Data (PII)?


Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK require users to accept an EULA during app installation?

Yes. The EULA is important to comply with international privacy laws as well as to be transparent to consumers who transmit their data.

What happens if a user does not agree to share their location during app installation?

If a user does not agree to share their location during app installation, the MOBI.INFO SDK does not gather any location data.

What happens if an end user does not agree to the MOBI.INFO EULA?

If an end user does not agree to the EULA, the MOBI.INFO SDK will not transmit any data.

What happens if an end user disables “Interest Based Advertising” via their Android phone settings?

The MOBI.INFO SDK respects all app and phone permissions and will not transmit data if an end user disables interest-based ads in their phone settings.

What is a matchkey?

A matchkey is a pairing between a Google AdvertisingID and an encrypted email address. The MOBI.INFO SDK encrypts email addresses associated with Android devices locally on the phone in six different formats (lowercase SHA1, uppercase SHA1, lowercase MD5, uppercase MD5, lowercase SHA256, uppercase SHA256) and transmits them in these hashed formats to MOBI.INFO servers. We at no time have visibility into plain text (raw) email addresses.

What is the most valuable data my app can provide?

Currently the most valuable data are US matchkeys and US background location data. The MOBI.INFO data licensing team is constantly evaluating new ways to better monetize all the data in the MOBI.INFO data marketplace.

What is the file size of the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK File?

Approximately 85 kilobytes

Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK affect battery performance?


Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK significantly utilize network bandwidth on a mobile phone?


Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK work in all countries?


Is there a version of the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK for the iOS?

Not at this time, but it will be released soon.

Does the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace Require a Cellular Connection to function Properly?

The SDK will continue to function properly both when a mobile user is using a WiFi connection or a Cellular connection.

How does my user churn / user retention as a publisher affect my payouts?

Users that don't churn are more valuable. You can expect to make more money if your application is stickier and users keep coming back.

How often will I receive payment for revenue generated on MOBI.INFO?

Qualifying app publishers can receive weekly payments for the revenue generated on MOBI.INFO as long as the app generates over $100 in any given week.

Is income generated via MOBI.INFO taxable?

Yes. For US based companies, Airpush, Inc. is required to collect a tax ID and issue a 1099 for any company that generates over $600 in royalties.

Are apps that use the MOBI.INFO SDK compliant with Google Play terms and conditions?

As specified in the Play policy, the MOBI.INFO End User License Agreement (EULA) gets explicit opt-in consent to associate Google Ad ID with other information, such as personal information, and to collect certain data sets, such as app list. Please see:

What is the opt-out URL so that a mobile user can opt-out of the MOBI.INFO Data Marketplace SDK?

How can I license MOBI.INFO data for my business?

Send an email to and include details of the type of data you are interested in licensing.